TAURUS August 2021: Everything requires an even energetic change. Create that balance this month!

TAURUS August 2021 Channeled Messages: Your dual spirit totem is the crow and Odin.

  • In Norse mythology crows are associated with Odin, the One-Eyed God and All-Father.
  • They served as his eyes and ears. As such, they remind you to keep your eyes and ears open, too!
  • Remember: all eyes are on you. With that increased scrutiny also comes opportunity; make the most of it!
  • Odin is also The Hanged Man in Tarot. In his ongoing quest to seek knowledge, Odin pierced himself with a spear and hanged himself (by the ankle) from a branch of Yggdrasil, The World Tree.
  • From this vantage, Odin peered into the Well of Urd for no less than 9 days and 9 nights. On the 9th night, his patience was rewarded, and he perceived the secret shapes of the runes. The runes were not just letters, but magical keys to the secrets of the cosmos.
  • This was not the only time Odin sacrificed something for knowledge. When he tried to drink from the Well of Urd, its guardian Mimir asked for a sacrifice. He gave his eye for the gift of knowledge, proving that even a God wasn’t exempt from an even exchange.
  • Odin teaches us the importance of patience, the power of knowledge, and that all things come with a cost.
  • Negotiate fair salaries and contracts. Balance time and energy with others.
  • The crows had one last message for you: clean up your messes. Make the latter part of 2021 a clean slate!
  • A separation from a job, relationship or friendship may be in order. Do your best to leave with dignity and grace. Use all forms of communication (verbal, non-verbal and visual).
  • You may be able to negotiate a leave of absence or rework job expectations.
  • Use this opportunity to speak up and ask questions!
  • Love yourself and the rich history of your soul. Remember you’re more than this present moment in time; you’re the sum of all your lifetimes. Call on (and lean into) that deep knowledge.
  • Support awaits you, but you must first let people in and let them know what you’re going through.
  • I saw you go up a tall elevator, all the way to the top of the world. I felt vertigo and understood that things were moving too quickly.
  • Slow down, catch your breath and get situated. Then move forward.
  • You’re on the precipice of a breakthrough or perhaps even breaking the glass ceiling!
  • I saw someone with their head in the clouds. Be mindful of someone who isn’t listening to common sense. Do your best to ground yourself and offer them support if they’re willing to take it.