TAURUS January 2021: January filled with portals in work & love—it’s time to move or be moved!

TAURUS January 2021 Channeled Messages: Your nature totem today is a maelstrom, ushering in a time of movement, portals and vortexes.

This is a time to move, or be moved. You can make great strides in the months ahead if you’re ready!

Though you may feel a bit out-of-sorts, you are being redirected (and awakened) to a new path or calling. A big door is opening.

Pick a direction and keep navigating, as the energy will soon even out (and momentum will slow, too).

Stay alert and avoid Four of Swords/Four of Cups energy.

You’re being asked to take on a new role (which may go against type or expectations).

This is a great growth opportunity. You have the required skills.

Believe in yourself. If you can’t, then you can’t expect others to do so.

Don’t allow others to put words in your mouth. Speak for yourself.

It’s okay to go off-script when speaking in public, but that is only successful when you’ve adequately prepared (and know where you’re headed). Otherwise, you’ll ramble.

Know the rules first, then decide if or when to break them.

Others are ready to love you, but not if you are too shy or too quick to assume they won’t. Don’t let fear block an opportunity!

Show another facet of your soul and allow others to admire it the same way you do.

On a soul level you are being shown that you have always had the skill to reinvent, rewrite and recast your own story (and the people in it). After all, this is what reincarnation is all about.

We forget our past so we can find our true (future) potential.

Release old façades and masks; show your true colors instead. Be authentic.

Watch full video here: https://youtu.be/WFk4pukHi88