TAURUS July 2021: You’ve done the inner work. It’s time to make a clean break—and a fresh start!

TAURUS July 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the fern. Like a coiled fern frond filled with potential, it’s time to unfurl and stretch yourself.

  • As one of the oldest plant species (appearing over 393 million years ago) ferns represent perseverance, wisdom, experience and independence.
  • They’re also symbols of abundance and fertility, as they are very good at reproducing.
  • They owe much of their strength to their rhizome (bulbous roots). This represents the power of networking. Make time now to create new connections—they’re essential to your growth, too.
  • Don’t underestimate how far you’ve come; much of your growth is beneath the surface.
  • All you need to do is decide to put that experience and growth to good use. Don’t second-guess yourself!
  • Read other people’s non-verbal cues (and watch your own as well).
  • Body language will give you away, especially eye contact (or rolling of the eyes).
  • Don’t over-disclose if you’re either uncomfortable speaking, or if you’re bound by an NDA. Less is more! You can simply say, “it’s complicated” or suggest the other party speak with someone in authority.
  • Avoid gossip at all costs. Your words and actions will be shared. Set a good example!
  • Before starting a job, joining an organization, or signing a contract, read the fine print. I saw an overly-restrictive clause about communication in particular.
  • Make sure you can speak your mind clearly in all situations—love, work, health, career and finance.
  • Your voice (and words) are powerful; don’t give this power away!
    Let someone know where you stand; they’re awaiting your decision!
  • If you’ve taken a break or a sabbatical (and don’t want to return), the other party already knows.
  • Make a clean break. Don’t burn bridges! You may need this connection in the future! Plus, you don’t want to create negative karma.
  • If you own or rent, look at your plumbing or roof, as I was shown leaking pipes and dripping water above my head. I also saw new plaster being put in place.
  • This can also represent brain drain or mental fatigue. It’s time to rest and recharge your engine.
  • There is a point where overworking simply equals exhaustion, not progress. Create space to breathe, explore and have fun—whether that’s gardening, playing sports, reading, or an artistic endeavor, it’s time to treat yourself to something just for your enjoyment!