TAURUS June 2021: You have the capacity to think fast, adapt, and make sweeping changes this month!

TAURUS June 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the grasshopper.

Because grasshoppers are capable of walking, jumping and flying, they epitomize speed and momentum, and remind you that you are capable of making swift movements and changes this month.

Adaptability is also heightened. Try new things without overthinking or fearing failure.

Consume and digest knowledge the same way this insect feasts on plants. In Tarot, this would be the 8 of Pentacles (e.g., school, training or certification).

It’s a great time to be a mentor or mentee. If you can teach and pass down your knowledge, do so!

You can rise above a situation when others are stuck. Don’t let their perspective pull you down or stifle your momentum. Look up!

It’s time to take a Leap of Faith! Sometimes you just have to trust your heart when making a key decision. Vacillating any longer will result in unnecessary delays.

Change your luck and fortune. EXPECT SUCCESS and act accordingly.

A symbol of the Divine Masculine, this insect reminds you to move every day, both in mind and body.

Eat more veggies.

Focus on leg strength and circulation.

Stretch, walk and swim, if possible.

Spirit showed me a symbol of a partnership or union followed by a zombie.

Then I heard, “let me go now” as it faded away.

This potent image represents stagnation. There is an overdue change that needs to happen now. Release old patterns and move on!

It’s time to Transform and Transmute!

I was shown a phone, a contract and the Ace of Pentacles reversed. The Devil Card was also superimposed. As such, scrutinize all contracts. Either the contract is not balanced, or the deal is not worth your time and energy.

My guides relayed this message: Justice will be served. Trust in cosmic timing and karmic retribution.

If you need to confront someone, do it face-to-face or one-on-one. Avoid an argument by elevating the narrative. Use words to diffuse not exacerbate a situation.

Situations should be win-win. Think of the greater good and avoid those who have self-serving motives.

Even the energetic exchange. If a good or service was promised, deliver. If payment is due, it’s time to make sure that happens. This will ensure no new karma is being created.