TAURUS May 2021: Like an inchworm or tesseract, you’ll find a faster way to get things done!

TAURUS May 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the inchworm caterpillar. Much like a tesseract, inchworms have found a way to move faster from Point A to Point B.

Remember, just like this totem, you have the capacity to work smarter and manifest faster than you might imagine. Don’t let doubt hold you back.

In fact, try not to be overly practical or linear. Instead, see the situation from all angles and all dimensions. A new pattern and solution will reveal itself.

The journey from caterpillar to moth requires four major stages—egg, caterpillar, pupae and cocoon. This could indicate a prosperous four month cycle for you.

Whether you’re just getting started, or you’re ready to spread your wings, this totem portends growth and movement, so continue working hard.

Inner growth (soul work) is especially important this month. Some of you may seek out training or educational opportunities to fulfill this desire for expansion.

Inspiration may come at any time, but given the nocturnal energy of a moth, evening is especially potent. You may find that you’re more productive or energized during the late evening or early morning hours.

If you receive any messages in dreams, try your best to wake up and record them before they fade away. Keep your phone or a notepad handy so you don’t forget.

Less is more. Caterpillars aren’t known for moderation, so this is the one area in which you want to be careful. Maintain a balance between work, personal life, diet and exercise.

Stick to the facts and avoid fighting. Disagreements or debates can be productive as long as communication doesn’t break down. Remember: if you both care enough to argue, you both still care. Try to find a way to neutralize the emotional component.

A knife cuts both ways, so release old anger, grudges and pain (if possible).

Don’t underestimate your sensitivity or the sensitivity of those around you.

LEAD WITH LOVE. Let others show up authentically without the filters of preconception or emotional baggage.

Don’t put a glass ceiling on someone else’s growth—and vice-versa.

Like a butterfly, unconditional love is key.

Release the need to be in control. Instead, let others have breathing room and give yourself the freedom to explore as well. Do what’s best for mutual growth and wellbeing.

Sometimes parents, teachers and mentors let us down. Don’t let their lack of faith affect your self-worth.

Love and celebrate your unique gifts and don’t look back on the past.

Live your own life. If others are trying to vicariously live through you, move on.

If you need help, ask for it. It’s a sign of strength. If you see someone who needs help, offer a helping hand.