TAURUS November 2021: This is a game-changer month—it’s time to turn the tables & call the shots!

TAURUS November 2021 Channeled Messages: Your triple spirit totem is comprised of Yarrow, Achilles (the God), and Chiron (the comet and mythological Centaur).

  • Yarrow symbolizes healing, abundance, stubbornness and perseverance. Its scientific name, Achillea millefolium, is a nod to Achilles, which we’ll discuss later.
  • Although used as ground cover, this medicinal herb has a host of health benefits.
  • The most common medicinal use is to clean wounds and stop bleeding.
  • It also has antiseptic and antibacterial qualities. It can heal rashes, stop nosebleeds and help treat fevers or colds.
  • This herb spreads rapidly and can be hard to control. You may find that your manifestation works in a similar fashion; when it rains it pours. After waiting for what seems like forever, don’t be surprised if things start to appear all at once.
  • Balance your priorities.
  • The persistent and stubborn energy of this totem also means you have a better chance of achieving your goals.
  • Chiron the Centaur was a master of medicine, herbs, music, archery, hunting, gymnastics and prophesy. He was the immortal son of the Titan Cronus, and he was a teacher and mentor to a young Achilles.
  • In fact, Chiron taught Achilles the art of healing, which is why Yarrow bears Achilles’ name.
  • Chiron’s appearance in the totem reminds us that healing is possible. Focus on cutting old cords and habits. There’s no time for these sorts of things anymore. Release the energetic anchors.
  • For all his healing prowess, Chiron was also unable to heal a wound he’d received from a poison arrow. He is known as the wounded healer.
  • As such, Chiron the comet represents our deepest wound and our efforts to heal it.
  • The message here is clear: remember to take care of yourself. Release toxicity in your life, whether it comes in the form of relationships, grudges or self-inflicted pain. Your poison arrow can be healed and you won’t suffer the same fate as Chiron.
  • The sea nymph Thetis bathed her son Achilles in the River Styx to make him invincible. However, she held him by the heel and this became his weak spot (Achille’s heel/tendon).
  • Everyone has a weakness or an area where they can grow in this lifetime. Nobody is perfect. Help others (and yourself) to work past these challenges.
  • Don’t exploit weaknesses of others, and don’t let them exploit yours. That’s not what this soul experience is about.
  • Focus on taking care of your feet. Buy new shoes if needed, and listen to your body if you feel pain or discomfort.
  • Competition will play a large role in the month ahead.
  • Some of you may feel the odds are stacked against you. If so, change the game. Do what people least expect and they’ll take notice.
  • Don’t take unnecessary shortcuts when completing a key procedure. It will cost more time in the long run.
  • Small teams are capable of doing big things. Work smarter!
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