How to Thrive in Mercury Retrograde (May 29-June 22, 2021)

May 29 to June 22 Mercury Retrograde Channeled Messages: Your collective spirit totem is the rose.

  • With the eclipse on a full Super Moon, we’re being shown our Shadow side.
  • The best way to heal Shadow energy is through love.
  • The rose is here to show us how to integrate and heal.
  • I saw an image of you drinking rose water, literally bringing love, kindness and forgiveness into your body.
  • Roses are a universal symbol of love and friendship.
  • Like relationships, roses can be complicated and require work to blossom.
  • It’s time to prune old patterns and cut connections that are inhibiting your growth. Reinvest your newfound energy into opportunities that are more receptive.
  • Protection is good, but sometimes we put up castle walls that are so high that they are akin to thorns or a moat; let people see the true you (and encourage them to do the same).
  • Thorns also symbolize imperfections that are a part of every human on the planet. Love yourself (and others) unconditionally. Encourage them to do the same. In time, those thorns will fade away.
  • Use rose quartz, rose hips, rose water, and the color pink (rose) to help attract and foster a peaceful, calming energy in your life.
  • I saw an old fashioned reel-to-reel (or movie projector). It was operational, but one canister was missing, which prevented the video and audio from being broadcast.
  • It’s time to change up the narrative. Avoid one-way conversations or bargains.
  • Someone may be holding back or hiding something, so investigate.
  • Go back and review old texts, emails and written correspondence. You may uncover a key piece of information that saves the day.
  • I saw a spirit move from one side of your house to the front door.
  • Clean your house traditionally—e.g., vacuum, dust, mop—and also spiritually, via smudging.
  • As you smudge, move the energy towards the doors and windows.
  • Use crystals in the corners of the house to help maintain the newfound energetic clarity you created.
  • I see an overdue move or transition on the horizon, plus a lost key. There was a hurried feeling associated with this change.
  • Slow down. Regroup. Remember that the “key” is within. Make a decision and the movement will happen with ease and grace.
  • Clear the extra distractions in your life that are clouding your decision-making.
  • Make your own bed and let others do the same (literally and symbolically). This erases and clears codependent energy patterns.
  • Each day is a clean slate. Making your bed allows you to put to rest yesterday’s drama and approach the new day with an open mind.
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