VIRGO April 2021: If a door closes, don’t wait around. Be an architect and create a new opportunity!

VIRGO April 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the ant. Renowned for its ability to lift more than its size would suggest, the ant is a symbol of hidden strength.

You have the capacity—both emotionally and physically—to take on more than meets the eye. Get ready to surprise yourself and others!

Prioritize mental health, emotional well-being, and physical fitness. A stronger body allows for more creativity and intuition to flow through you.

Have faith in yourself and push onward. You’ll be surprised with the progress you can make.

Success, growth and independence are major themes as you move into the next quarter of 2021.

Your capacity to work with others is essential, but are you also ready to lead? There will be moments this month where that leadership is needed.

You are capable of independence. You can make it with (or without) the larger group. Knowing this, you can choose the path that best supports your soul’s purpose.

Tune your intuitive antenna towards your higher purpose. Align to this and prioritize your goals accordingly.

Resist peer and social pressure. It’s not only okay, but often advantageous, to be different.

Ants are often stuck in old roles. You have a chance, however, to rewrite your script.

Meet the vibration of your dreams. As you raise your frequency and release the desire to control the outcome, a synchronicity will appear. The power of manifestation is at your fingertips.

Focus on security at home and online.

More importantly, focus on self-worth and self-confidence—as this is the security that matters the most.

Self confidence and self esteem will deter low-frequency and opportunistic relationships.

Love your own company. Don’t immediately rush for a distraction or social engagement.

When you stop needing and wanting something so badly, it comes rushing towards you. This includes relationships. Detachment and patience help attract higher-quality, longer-lasting partnerships as well.

Release the need to be perfect; as long as you’re growing, you’re successful.

Do the absolute best you can and then let go, especially if you’re creative or artistic.

Relationships are mirrors. Use what you feel—particularly the tumultuous parts—to learn and grow.

As you improve, key relationships in your life will react accordingly—adjusting to the new you. Some will flourish, while others fall away. This is normal and healthy.

You are the architect. If a door closes, create a new one. Don’t wait for a new one to open. You have the power to choose your path.