♍️ VIRGO February 2021 🐦 Like a nightingale, you’re capable of attracting and manifesting what you seek

♍️ VIRGO: 🐦 Your spirit totem is the nightingale. Like the male nightingale’s mating call, you have the capacity to attract new opportunities and partnerships in your life during February.

👁 However, it’s vital to focus on VISUALIZING your goals, and VOCALIZING them as well.

🛰 This will set up a call-and-answer mechanism where the universe hears your intention and answers back. In other words, you’ll be manifesting.

🗣 Use your voice to create the changes you desire. Don’t water down the message, as it’s that personal touch and individuality that will help differentiate you from the crowd.

🌛 You may find increased energy late at night or early in the morning; take advantage of it whenever inspiration strikes! Keep a journal by your bed. Record all your dreams and intuitive downloads before you forget them.

📲 If you receive an unexpected call, take it. If you see an opportunity that inspires—but also intimidates—you, try it anyway. This is a synchronicity that you’ve created and it can open exciting new paths for you.

👨🏽‍💻‍ Be ready to jump in and help out! People will soon wonder how they got along without you.

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 You’re not a “fill in” or “second choice”—you’re the one they’ve been waiting for (and vice-versa).

🚪 I saw a shiny nameplate on a door. You can (and should) define your role. Envision success!

💪🏾 You’re being encouraged to lean on yourself and gain more independence.

📝 Embrace what you have right now and don’t take any shortcuts. Your hard work will pay off.

🏁 Once you set your mind on a goal, do whatever is necessary to see it to fruition!

🏃🏾‍♀‍ Run towards something (not away from it).

🎁 Your presence is a gift—as is the experience you’ve called in.

🧭 Setbacks are really just a chance to recalibrate. Don’t give up now!

🎉 Celebrate your progress and be fully present.

🧘🏽‍♂‍ Make time to look around and smell the flowers—literally and figuratively.

🌅 As you allow yourself to rest and take stock of the situation, you’ll find it easier to stay inspired and even land upon an epiphany.

🎨 Always keep busy. Have a passion project brewing on the side and be ready to take action on it. This is another way to manifest your dreams.

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