VIRGO January 2021: Love & let live! Don’t fight unnecessary battles. Focus on personal growth!

VIRGO January 2021 Channeled Messages: Distance, movement and changes in energetic frequency are major factors in the month ahead. Like the redshift (and blueshift) in astronomy, use your intuition to ascertain what’s coming closer and what’s moving away from you.

 Your vibrational frequency is shifting and it’s calling in new soul clusters. The root and throat chakras—associated with red and blue, respectively—are where key growth and healing is taking place.

At the same time, other energies are following their own path and finding new orbits.

For the first time in a while, you may be more attuned to the changes going on around you.

This is a time of creation through movement. Although it may feel overwhelming, remember that as one thing falls away, it opens a space fore something new to spring forth into existence.

If you’ve been asking for a sign, you may receive that confirmation. Just keep an open mind to how that message may be conveyed.

Balance the root chakra and pay attention to the areas it governs—bladder, colon, legs and feet are all affected. Safety and security are also part of the root chakra.

Use the blue spectrum of energy to raise your frequency. Your throat chakra, in particular, is a key to unlocking your potential.

Speak up and speak out more often. Don’t let things build up.

Express yourself. Write, draw, laugh, cry, speak or sing to open up the throat chakra and exercise this energy center.

Ancestral and family healing is possible, but you need to give yourself time and space to get perspective.

Love and let live. Some battles are not worth the energy.

Focus on self love and make your work, words, thoughts and actions reflect that.

You are a light house, capable of showing others a new way. Embrace this!

Today is a new day! You are not tethered to the past.

Carve out a path that fits your vision.

Free your mind and heart to try new things!