VIRGO June 2021: Embrace your scars; they made you strong! (Now it’s time to rise up like a Phoenix!)

VIRGO June 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the mighty Redwood tree. Redwoods are the tallest trees on the planet, and among the oldest. They appeared after the dinosaurs and they predate most birds, spiders and flowers. Like these venerable trees, your knowledge and power runs deep.

Although Redwoods stand tall, their roots derive strength from intertwining with neighboring trees, which is to say, there is strength in numbers. Support those around you and lean on them as needed. You can do more together.

Try not to burn bridges, as you may need to work or call upon an old connection in the future.

Longevity is on your side. Like Redwoods, which live to be over two thousand years old, you have what it takes to survive.

Keep pushing, even when others doubt your potential. As long as you believe in yourself and put in the work, growth is possible!

Grow a thicker skin and try not to let people get the best of your emotions.

Protect your skin. Use SPF and moisturizer. Now is the time to start making skin care a priority.

Drink ample water and detox your diet, avoiding processed foods.

I was shown Bosnia rebuilding itself, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. I saw construction amid the ruins and broken glass. The guide showed me that some parts of the ruins were left in place as a memorial and a testament to the human spirit of renewal.

Embrace and celebrate the scars in your mind, body, spirit and history; they made you who you are today.

What parts of your life do you want to reclaim and rebuild? Begin today.

Like any form of construction, take your time and give everything a chance to settle.

If you’ve just experienced a Tower-like moment, take time to acclimate to the changes and integrate the lessons.

Wait before making a quick move. Listen to the good advice of trusted friends.

Before moving into a home, always learn its history and make sure that it’s clear energetically.

If you own an article of clothing, a watch, some jewelry or another personal item from a relative, pay attention to the energy surrounding it, too, as I see a strong connection. If the memory of that person is positive, this can be a blessing. If not, it might be time to either smudge or let go of the item.

Note: some items—like wedding bands or wigs fashioned of human hair—may be difficult to cleanse. So, just make sure you like the energetic vibration imprinted upon them.

If someone walks away or walks out, give them the space they need.

Focus on your own growth and call in a more receptive partner after healing and working on yourself.