VIRGO March 2021: Like a hatchling, you’re on the precipice of a breakthrough—keep pressing on!

VIRGO March 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is a hatchling (and its egg).

It’s time to step out of your hermit phase and make a move.

Like a bird pushing through its shell, you may have to put in some effort to make a breakthrough.

Give yourself time to get your bearings.

Take things one step at a time.

Tap into your potential. Use this time for ideation and brainstorming.

Speak up and make sure that others know about your potential, too. Volunteer and engage with those around you.

Perfection is rarely achieved on the first attempt, so keep trying.

Spread your wings and don’t give up until you fly.

This is the time to create, birth, rebirth and move forward.

Consider the source, especially with gossip and criticism.

Ask the big questions! Don’t wait for others to do so (they’re probably hoping someone else will initiate the conversation, too).

It’s okay to be first; people will remember that you’re willing to take a risk.

(Re)contextualize your situation. You may see a hidden blessing emerge!

There’s strength in numbers. Be the connecting thread that helps unite everyone.

Trust your ideas and skills. Avoid self deprecation at all costs.

Take time to retrace your tracks before you make a big move.

See the larger pattern and decide if you want to follow it.

Decide that you’re ready to receive abundance, and truly believe it!

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