VIRGO May 2021: Unexpected partnerships will help you thrive. Take the first step and reach out!

VIRGO May 2021 Channeled Messages: You have a dual spirit totem this month, comprised of the woodpecker and Saguaro Cactus, which symbolizes teamwork and an unlikely, yet symbiotic partnership.

The Saguaro Cactus represents longevity, persistence and adaptability. ​It can live an average of 150-175 years and it thrives in an inhospitable zone.

Like the Nine of Pentacles, this cactus plays the slow but steady path to growth and abundance.

Just like these gentle giants of the Sonoran Desert, you’re being asked to rise up and stand tall.

Have confidence in yourself and your work… Others are depending on you to speak up.

Grow a thick skin and make a fast recovery. You can still thrive.

Saguaro Cacti have a shallow, but massive root system (at least as wide as the plant stands tall). The message here is to remember to network! These connections will prove essential in good times and when there’s a figurative drought.

Help is closer than you think. Just reach out and welcome in a new opportunity.

Persevere! If you’ve had a dearth of movement in your life, fear not; change (and abundance) awaits. You must push forward.

The woodpecker reminds you that, sometimes, you have to create your own path.

It may be time to renovate or move into a new home. If you’re buying, building or renting, make sure you inspect the walls and foundation.

In addition to helping spread the seeds of the Saguaro, woodpeckers also create habitats for other creatures like owls, parrots and reptiles. This is a reminder to open up a door, not only for yourself, but for others, too (i.e., advocacy and social change).

There’s no way you can’t be heard, as long as you use your voice!

Don’t pull the fire alarm, throw in the towel, or walk away. Press on! There’s a karmic lesson that needs to be resolved.

Adjust your teaching and/or communication methods to suit your audience, not vice-versa.

Speak from the heart, not a script. Talk with (and to) the people around you, not at them. Truly make a connection. Listening is essential.

Change the mood or environment for a key conversation. Take it outside or to a neutral area. The energy will shift.

​You CAN teach an old dog new tricks, but you must earn its trust first.

Be bold and unconventional! Try new things even if you get pushback from higher-ups or elders. Results will win them over, ultimately.

The key isn’t broken, it just needs to be reforged. Try another door if you need to. In other words, you create your own opportunities. Make a new one.

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