VIRGO May 2022: Things are not always what they appear to be. Look for a blessing in disguise.

Time Stamps: 
00:00:00 Introduction 
00:03:38 Channeled Messages & Spirit Totem 
00:18:25 Celtic Cross 
00:51:04 Expanded Forecast: Health, Wealth, Love & Destiny 
01:17:09 The Big Idea 
01:19:15 Blessings 
01:20:54 Blocks 
01:24:32 Reader's Choice: Resources (Time, Money and Other Resources) 01:27:33 Viewer's Choice: Healing the Ten of Swords 
01:32:10 Sun, Rising and Moon Sign Messages 
01:33:12 Sun in Virgo 
01:35:11 Rising in Virgo 
01:36:07 Moon in Virgo 
01:39:11 Meditation 
01:41:51 Glass Singing Bowl / Sound Bath 
01:43:01 Final Card (Answer to Your Silent Question) 
01:46:37 "Thank You" for SuperChats, SuperStickers and New Memberships