VIRGO September 2021: Like a moth shedding its cocoon, a new path awaits… are you ready?

VIRGO September 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the moth. Many species of moths, like the Satin Moth, lay eggs from July to August. Newborn larvae hatch in September and create cocoons in which they’ll hibernate during the winter months.

  • August and September constitute fertile, creative and abundant timeframes during which you can set plans in motion.
  • There will be ample time to rest towards the end of the year, so use this period effectively.
  • Our lives are not measured by things like wealth, status, popularity or the acquisition of material goods—for we cannot take these things with us when we cross over.
  • Instead, we are the sum of our experiences, the love we give and receive, the lessons we learn, and the impact we make on others’ lives.
  • When weighing opportunities, measure them against the big questions…
    • “Does this make me happy?”
    • “Does this allow me to grow?”
    • “Does this inspire me and others?”
    • “At the end of my days, will the sacrifices I’m making now be justified, or will they leave me wishing I’d spent my time differently?”
    • “Does this align with my soul’s passion?”
    • “Do I like the people with whom I’m working, living or spending time?”
  • An awakening is at hand. A crossroads between The Star and Hermit, or Judgment and The World awaits you.
  • Like a moth awakening from hibernation, you must decide whether you want to continue on the present path, or break the mold.
  • Movement and change are the only constants in life… to move is to live.
  • Awaken the sleeper and create a soul legacy!
  • Cocoons represent a need to protect and go within. Spend time working on your self growth and personal healing.
  • Protect ideas and intellectual property. Don’t share a half-baked idea or product.
  • I was shown a door slamming open and shut. A decision must be made. However, don’t allow yourself or others to be forced or coerced into doing something that doesn’t feel right.
  • A change of environment will boost mood and productivity.
  • Get outside and ground yourself in nature. Spend time walking, hiking, gardening or meditating.
  • Move into negotiations with self confidence. Rely on yourself and trust in your own skills. You can (and will) do it.
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