WEEKLY COLLECTIVE for Everyone • Sept. 26-Oct 3, 2021 • Navigating Retrograde: Making and Breaking Cycles

Today’s Special Topic (as chosen by members) is “Navigating Retrograde: Making and Breaking Cycles.”

The reading also includes a 7-Day Forecast, Blessings & Blocks and an Elemental Breakdown for 🔥 Fire, 🌎 Earth, 🌬 Air and 💦 Water Signs. We’ll end with a Guided Meditation and Final Card.

Channeled Messages: Your triple totem is comprised of the moth, wasp and bumble bee.

  • Moths are masters at mimicry and camouflage. You have a keen ability to blend in, but why not turn the tables? Make others feel at ease with being around you. Do so by feeling comfortable in your skin. Others will do the same.
  • Moths have four stages of life: egg, caterpillar, pupa/chrysalis and adult.
  • At which stage do you stand in your life right now? Ideation/concept, birth/release, development or transformation?
  • Give yourself ample time to move through the stages of growth, or risk a delay.
  • In the pupa stage, a caterpillar is almost completely dissolved and rearranged, except the memory neurons, which remain intact. So, the moth remembers its time as a caterpillar.
  • Our minds are also slow to catch up to the changes we’ve made in our lives. Don’t be surprised if others see your potential or progress first. Embrace the new you.
  • Although wasps are often feared, they aid in pest control and pollinate flowers.
  • Most fig trees are dependent on small wasps for pollination. Once inside, the wasp is trapped. It pollinates the inflorescence and proceeds to lay its eggs. Shortly after, the wasp dies. It’s later digested by the fig after its larva escape. The fig allows the wasp to reproduce, but at a great cost.
  • If something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Do your research and trust your intuition… this will help you avoid traps!
  • Wasps are infamous for their ability to go into a frenzy and sting multiple times. Avoid provoking others or taking the bait if they provoke you! Take the high road.
  • Wasps symbolize power, strength and fear. Try not to let the latter rule you!
  • Bumble bees are harbingers of fertility, good health, vitality and prosperity.
  • They often sacrifice sleep to care for their young. Remember to take proper care of yourself, too, especially if others depend on you.
  • Male bumblebees don’t have stingers, and females are not aggressive. Their gentle nature is a reminder to lead with peace, kindness, and to assume the best of others.
  • This totem is associated with the Empress (Queen Bee). Leadership opportunities await.
  • I was shown a zigzag pattern of crops and plants. Don’t rely on old habits. Now’s the time to try new things and break the monotony.
  • It’s time to upgrade old software, hardware and ways of thinking. Do a mental reboot!
  • State your intention, wish or desire. Others are waiting to hear it, and may need your consent before helping out.