WEEKLY COLLECTIVE for Everyone • September 19-26, 2021 • Stepping into the Star—What’s Holding You Back?

If you missed the Weekly Collective, it’s now available on replay. It covers Sept. 19-26, 2021. The special topic is: “Stepping into the Star… What’s Holding You Back?” This video also includes a 7-Day Forecast, Blessings & Blocks, Viewer’s Choice Poll, and an Elemental Breakdown for Earth, Air, Water and Fire Signs.

Your Spirit Totem is the wombat. This marsupial is native to Australia and it burrows underground. It lives beneath the forest and grasslands, using its strong claws for digging.

  • Like the wombat, it’s time to be more hands-on in all aspects of your life.
  • Wombats have a very slow, almost reptilian metabolism. This evolved over time and it helps them conserve energy. They travel at night because it’s easier to regulate their body temperature.
  • Wombats are masters at conservation, especially with respect to energy, food and water.
  • This totem serves as a reminder to slow down and re-evaluate how you’re spending your time, energy and money. You may also find more inspiration or energy during the late evening or early morning hours.
  • Stay grounded and stick to the facts.
  • Avoid gossip or rumors.
  • Exercise to improve your metabolism.
  • Get inspired by music, film or art, as it will fuel motivation.
  • Avoid sleeping too much or too little. Listen to your body and create a routine that you can stick to no matter what.
  • Social interactions may be a bit more awkward than usual, but they’re worth the effort. Come out of the Hermit shell and start rebuilding your social network.
  • I was shown a scene reminiscent of hide-and-seek, or perhaps the 7 of Swords. Timing is everything. Avoid playing games.
  • Some of you may be tiptoeing around a big ego or issue. It’s far better to air frustrations now, rather than later.
  • I was shown a percussion section in the orchestra. Small instruments like triangles and finger cymbals may not make a lot of noise alone, but together, they’re powerful.
  • Many small voices, once combined, have the same effect… they are powerful and command attention.
  • The upright triangle reminds us to rekindle our fire, passion, dreams and inspiration.
  • I was shown maps and blueprints. Now is the time to create a plan. The work you do now will help save time later. Don’t wing it.
  • I sat at the Magician’s altar and noticed my tools were not ready. Prepare and double-check your tools and instruments in your own life. Upgrade, replace or repair equipment as needed.
  • There will be a “show-and-tell” moment. People want to know what do you want? Where do you stand?