WEEKLY COLLECTIVE • Nov. 7 – Nov. 14, 2021 • “Chrysalis: Stepping into a New You”

Your spirit totem is the chrysalis—the process of transformation a caterpillar undergoes in order to become a butterfly, one of the more magical processes in nature.

Key Channeled Messages (Summary Only)

  • The word stems from a Greek root (khrysos) meaning golden. Power dynamics will play a pivotal role in the coming weeks. During this time, the solar plexus is a place where healing and growth can take place.
  • Now’s the time to birth new projects. Your self-worth will be a key part of your success in this phase.
  • Since a caterpillar hangs upside down to create the chrysalis, this totem is analogous to The Hanged Man in Tarot. Remember that Divine timing is at play. Some things cannot (and should not) be rushed or sped up.
  • Like the final step of metamorphosis (breaking the chrysalis), your perseverance will be put to the test. Now’s the time to overcome internal fears and external blocks or biases.

(These are highlights only. For the complete run-down, see 00:03:41)

🎬 Time Stamps: 
00:03:41 Channeled Messages & Spirit Totem 
00:22:06 7-Day Forecast 
00:37:05 Blessings 
00:38:50 Blocks 
00:40:30 ELEMENTAL FORECAST - Fire, Earth, Air & Water 
00:41:47 FIRE - Aries, Leo & Sagittarius 
00:44:07 EARTH - Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn 
00:46:30 AIR - Gemini, Libra & Aquarius 
00:49:01 WATER - Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces 
00:52:57 Soul Path Wildcard 
00:53:34 Viewer's Choice: "Changing the Mental Channel (Diffusing the 3 of Swords)" 
00:58:44 SPECIAL TOPIC: "Chrysalis: Stepping into a New You" 
01:18:51 Expanded Forecast: Health, Wealth, Love & Destiny 
01:38:13 The Big Idea 
01:42:24 Guided Meditation 
01:45:23 Quartz Crystal Pyramid Sound Bath 
01:49:08 Final Card (Answer to Your Silent Question) 
01:52:07 Apollo Cameo! 
01:53:30 SuperChat & SuperSticker Thank You
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