WEEKLY COLLECTIVE: Oct. 3-10, 2021 • Special Topic: “Messages From Your Guides” • Everyone’s Welcome

Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the ladybug, which symbolizes luck, transformation and survival.

  • Ladybugs go through a bit of an “ugly duckling” larval stage before adulthood. Avoid judging something before it’s done. See the potential, not the gaps.
  • The same goes for people. if they’re in a major life change, give them time to grow.
  • Ladybugs gather in groups to hibernate and mate. This signals abundance in your life.
  • Much like the 6 or 8 of Wands, you have human resources and support. Don’t do this alone.
  • You can also rally up support, but you need to ask (or at least meet the other person half-way).
  • Ladybugs can survive for up to 9 months by living off their stored resources. Remember to plan ahead for the future and create a contingency plan for yourself, too.
  • Ladybugs play dead to avoid predators. If faced with a 5 of Swords situation or conversation, it may be better to take a deep breath and do nothing. The person will move on when they don’t get a rise out of you. Conserve your energy.
  • Ladybug wings fold under their shells in an intricate, engineered manner. Use your imagination and experience. You can find a way to make something work, even if (or especially if) it’s unusual.
  • Negotiation will be key this time. For those looking to buy or sell a big ticket item, do not do this sight unseen.
  • Push back on arbitrary limits or deadlines imposed by others.
  • Speak to or with the real decision-maker. You’ll be able to reach a deal faster.
  • Don’t overpay. I saw room for a small pushback in pricing.
  • For those interviewing, update your CV/Resume and factor in other skills and experience.
  • A virtual or real face-to-face interview is needed.
  • Follow up one more time and try to make it happen.
  • If you’re the last person someone sees for a meeting, interview or negotiation, sometimes your the first person that gets the callback.