WEEKLY COLLECTIVE • October 10-17, 2021 • The Magician: What’s Your Hidden Strength?

CHANNELED MESSAGES: Your spirit totem is the cactus, which symbolizes adaptability, survivability, flexibility, strength, overcoming adversity and protection. In Tarot, the cactus also connects to Strength, The Sun, The Hermit and the King or Queen of Swords reversed.

  • Themes this week include: establishing or regaining power, overcoming or balancing ego, and working on clear communication.
  • Cactus stems are ribbed, which allows them to expand during rainy weather and contract during droughts.
  • A fully grown saguaro cactus can store up to 200 gallons of water during a downpour.
  • Cacti teach us the value of saving, managing and balancing our resources.
  • You can (and will) thrive, but you should be flexible regarding the speed and scope of projects.
  • Cacti breathe mostly at night to conserve water. During intense heat, they minimize breathing altogether (stopping their growth in the process).
  • Pace yourself. Breathe. Give others room to breathe as well.
  • Spines are modified leaves and provide protection against predators, as well as shade from the sun.
  • Be direct. Push back as needed. Stand up for yourself. Take the initiative.
  • “Less is more” is the mantra of the cactus. Use moderation and take one step at a time.
  • Health messages: focus on proper water consumption, address any breathing or lung issues (including asthma), and make sure there are no Vitamin D (sunlight) deficiencies.
  • Cacti have a shallow root system. They remind us to build firmer foundations in all facets of our lives—literally and figuratively.
  • Focus on grounding and core strength.
  • Be careful with construction or renovation, particularly with the support beams, windows and foundation.
  • Cacti are a magnet for pollinators (bees, bats and birds).
  • You, too, can attract abundance with your thoughts and actions.
  • Be honest and don’t try to get away with anything (as it’s a time for big reveals).
  • An old friendship or love is at a crossroads. I see either unrequited or unavailable energy. Step away from this.
  • I saw a window shatter and an overhead beam break. The Tower is coming through to help remove blocks. For some of you this means breaking a glass ceiling. For others, you’re releasing old ways of thinking.
  • In construction, make sure you inspect support beams and check the integrity of windows and other vulnerable spots. Weather-proofing is a must!
  • Avoid emotional outburst. Collect your thoughts and get support. You don’t have to face this fight alone.
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